Welcome to JaJiLu Designs

Designs for people who laugh at a scene in a movie that most everyone else doesn't get. Plus, stuff I like.

JaJilu Designs is a one-person design shop selling a variety of products through an Etsy store of the same name.

Greetings! I’m Quinn Eurich the owner, designer, and yes, someone who laughs at things in movies that other people just don’t get.

The designs you’ll find on my store are ones that came about because they made me sniicker, smile, or because I’m wondering if anyone will get the joke. Then there are those designs that are include solely because there was something about them.

You’ll like that everything on JaJiLu Designs has free shipping. That includes all the print-on-demand products and my really cool, one-of-a-kind handmade decorative items,.

You also won’t have to scroll through a ton of images (unless you want to), or go through a bunch of ultra-specific categories just to end up with a repetitive stress injury. The categories are simple and straight-forward.

  • Decor – Decorative
  • Hobbies – Sports – Jobs
  • Holidays All Year Round
  • Humor
  • Inspiration – Motivation
  • Of the Heart
  • Everything Else

Holidays All Year Round was created because people should buy for holidays when THEY want to.

Another thing you’ll find in the store is “variations on a theme”. Those are the products where the text is the same, but the designs are different. It’s done this way because I like giving people options.

How many times have you seen a design that would be absolutely perfect if it was in a different color? Or had a different image on it, no image, or if they had used a different font?

Same saying, but you get to choose which design option you like best!

Then there are the designs I create with certain people in mind who are known to swear a bit, but then I also create one with a G rating.

My mother’s language on the left and my niece’s on the right LOL!

And below is a design that’s been included simply because it makes me smile.

If you see a design of mine that you’d like to have personalized or tweaked to represent more of who you are, please contact me via my Etsy store.

In case you were wondering where I came up with the name JaJiLu Designs, meet the three dogs I had at the time I setup shop. They are from left to right, sisters Jackie and Jill, and the corgi that kept trying to keep them in line, Lucky.



Coming Soon! My second store is also about options, just different ones. One – either have something printed for you by my supplier, or Two – download it and take care of the printing yourself. There will be some jewelry (nothing like what’s on JaLiLu Designs), and no mugs, clothing, or pillowcases . . . unless its a special order.

Though Etsy says I can have multiple stores, I can’t sell the same products in both. So, think of JaJiLu Designs as the light-hearted store, with JaJiLu Digital being the store that’s a edgier. There is digital art, some of which you can print out yourself, plus font heavy designs both big and small. Some font designs, like the “Jewelry to Swear By” are small enough to fit on a pendant necklace or bracelet.

Fingers are crossed, and I’m working hard towards having JaJiLu Digital open by the middle of October.

Thank you for stopping by! Head on over to the store, and if you have any questions, send them to me via the store.

Quinn Eurich