Welcome to JaJiLu Designs

Reflections on design, designers, and how honoring your design process can elevate your creativity and self-satisfaction.

JaJilu Designs is a one-person design shop selling a variety of products through an Etsy store of the same name.

Hi! I’m Quinn Eurich,  and these days, my design philosophy is to follow where one’s inspiration goes and see what happens.

For me, creating new designs is less about what my ego thinks I should be creating and more about exploring what a particular design idea really wants to become.

Outcomes always begin with an idea, but pushing to achieve the exact outcome generated by that idea can be creatively counter-productive and emotionally frustrating.

By becoming less demanding of an exact outcome, you’re able to give yourself over to your process of creating.

Your original idea evolves until it becomes a piece that both works as a good design and makes you happy even though it may not look like what you originally thought it would.

Perfectionism murders creative exploration and self-expression.

Quinn Eurich

Process and Creativity

Though I design for a variety of print-on-demand products, the process is definitely more important than the original idea that initiated the start of a design.

In my blog, I’ll be talking about the process of design from the perspective of designing as you go based on what inspires you, the product material you’re using, and the materials you elect to use.

Designs and Designers

Beginning when I was nine-years-old, we would drive many times a year from Hartford to Southbury, Connecticut to visit my grandmother after her move to a Lutheran home there.

In Waterbury, easily visible from the road, there were a number of large, orange/red designs sitting outside an industrial building. They were very modern in appearance, and I was enthralled with them. My family couldn’t understand how I could like anything so ugly.

Years later I learned that the industrial building was an iron works shop and that they had created the orange/red “stabiles” designed by Alexander Calder.

His were the first designs with which I fell in love.

In the blog, I’ll also be sharing the designs that I like, that I love, that I look to understand, and that inspire my own creations as well as the people and companies behind those designs.

Through my reflections, I hope there may be something that you can use to inspire your creativity and creative process..

To an engineer, good enough means perfect. With an artist, there’s no such thing as perfect.

Alexander Calder