Stone Displayed Beautifully

This beautiful stone appeared in my Pinterest email feed. I was immediately captivated by the fact that the pendant is an elegant piece which does an excellent job of showing off the stone to its best advantage.

Once you eyes look their fill at the stone, they travel upwards to the graceful swirl of beads and circle down to the left, around the contrasting gold-toned elements at the bottom, and go right up to the top where you see a double-loop that gives a hint of a heart shape.

While your eye is up at top, you notice that the wire wrap is also gold-toned which provides a nice counter-point to the silver tones as does the base. Additionally, the base also subtly resembles the silver beads.

Not only is this a piece designed well in that it keeps your eye contained within the frame of piece, it lets the stone take center stage without any additional wires or beads criss-crossing it and obscuring its uniqueness.

I love stones and find it distressing when they’re obscured or overwhelmed by the frame holding them.

Above is an example where the design – though lovely and beautifully executed – overwhelms the stone. The stone is not of a vibrant enough color to hold its own against the design, and the design loses something because of that.

Of course, I’m looking at an image of the piece and it may very well look better in person.

I visited the artist’s website to see what her other pieces looked like and found this piece that is simply stunning – both for its wire work and the way the wire work echoes and beautifully displays the sweeping colors of the stone.

Click here to go the the artist’s website.

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