Presentation Is Everything

Though I’m not a jewelry artist, I subscribe to Interweave’s Jewelry Making Daily email because I love seeing what people are designing. Their work feeds my artistic soul and gives me inspiration.

Today’s email was about 10 unusual gemstones. In scanning through the article, I found two pieces that really captured my attention. The first is the featured image.

The contrast of the silver moon shape agains the black Pietersite gemstone is simply stunning. It immediately captures your attention. You can’t miss the beauty of the stone.

Silver Circle Pendant With Dark Stone That has Splashes of Blue and Orange
High Polish Pietersite Pendant by Lexi Erickson, Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist April 2012; photo: Jim Lawson

The second piece that caught my eye did so for several reasons.

Bright Blue Gemstone on Graceful Curved Pendant
Basket Set Concave Gem, blue topaz cut by Mark Gronlund, pendant by Phil Griner, Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist January 2009; photo: Jim Lawson

The first, of course, was the brillance of the stone unfettered by the setting. The second was the way the flowing metals framed the piece with the small diamonds (my guess) and flowing trail defining the display space. Then there were the additional small stones at the top that added interest and dimension to the flow and quietly enhanced the piece.

While these two pieces are very different from one another, they are each about presentation – presentation that makes the feature stone the unmistable star of the piece.

You can read the entire article by follwing this link to the Interweave site:

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