Landscape Artist Diane Washa

It’s a humid morning in Connecticut, and after a brisk walk with the dogs I was both drying and cooling off in front of my PC as the A/C ran noisily behind me. It seemed the perfect time to catch up on my Pinterest emails.

You know how it is – something catches your eye and you decide to Pin it. Then you decide to take a look at what else the artisan or artist has produced, and you find yourself at a gallery.

Since you’re there, you may as well as look at everyone’s work.

This particular gallery, has a variety of artists with an image each on the home page. The artists are all listed in alphabetical order so I had seen 97% of their art when I came to Diane Washa.

There was just something about that small image of her landscape that made me look twice at it.

You know how it is – you decide to check out an artist, arrive at their gallery page and don’t know what image to look at because they’re all so similar.

Not on Diane Washa’s gallery page!

Yes, she is a landscape artist, but with her work, you’re getting an exquisitely prepared buffet for your eyes. There is literally something for everyone, but not intentionally so. It’s just that she paints what she sees, and how she interprets what she sees during that collection of moments when she’s in front of her canvas.

It was tough picking just two to demonstrate what I mean but here are the ones that I think do so.

Ruth’s Farm in Mineral Point
Sugar Pecatonica Watershed
oil on board
11 x 14

Buffalo Trempealeau Watershed
oil on board
12 x 18

To see all of her images, follow this link

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