Design Inspiration Reality

A few weeks ago, I created a set of 3 suncatchers as an exploration of blues and greens.

Different beads in complementary shades were used and offset with unusual crystal quartz pieces. The final result was a beautiful harmony of colors, shapes, and form that was as insipid as hell.

They were pretty, but there just wasn’t anything exciting about them.

I had been caught up in these pieces thinking they’d be interesting because of the unusual bead shapes I was using.

Sometimes when you’re in the middle of something you just can’t see what’s really happening. But then the creative rush is over and your discerning art critic side takes a look.

My inner art critic liked what I had done and praised the attempt.

Then came the questions, “Is it interesting enough?” “Is it different enough?”

And that’s how those 3 pieces ended up hanging from the “needs re-doing” rack with all the other pieces that didn’t pass muster.

The reason they’re pictured in the plastic box is because I’m about to start re-doing them with this image as my inspiration.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Design-Inspiration-for-Suncatcher-Blues-and-Greens-and-Whites-1024x768.jpg

It’s got what my pieces lack – contrast and visual energy.

Artists and artisans are always getting asked about where they get their inspiration from.

Truth be told, inspiration comes from a combination of things including your life’s experiences, your memories, and even an activity you observe or participate in.

It’s whatever hits you in such a way that you know what it is that you need to do next – whether that next is fixing a problem or starting something new.

What captured my attention about this image is the contrast of colors, the use of white, and the way the colors work together. That’s the inspiration that I’m taking from this piece.

Inspiration – regardless of where it comes from – can demand that you go beyond what you’re used to creating.

The great thing about inspiration is that anything can capture your attention at the moment you need it to.

At the moment, that you’re open to what it has to say to you.

At the moment, it gives you the answer you need so you can go on and do more or do differently than you’re used to doing.

The reality of inspiration is that it “appears” when you’re ready for it.

And that includes waking up one morning and getting inspired by something that’s been sitting next to your bed for about a week.

Welcome to my inspirational reality! I hope yours’ is just as interesting and as quirky as mine!

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