JaJiLu Designs came about a bit by accident. It all started when I was looking through a list of courses an e-marketer was offering and found one on designing and selling coffee mugs. 

That was a life changer though I didn’t know it at the time. After a few months, I enjoyed what I was doing so much I walked away from a freelance writing career that couldn’t compete.

And it’s been . . . a challenge on so many levels including learning how to listen to that part of me I call my inner artist. Who knew that designing images for coffee mugs (and doing it badly at first) was going to turn out to be a process of personal discovery and learning what it meant to follow your bliss.

Turns out that following my bliss meant 1) trusting my instincts and feelings, 2) only listening to other people’s advice when it would serve me, and 3) letting my slightly off-beat view of the world come out to play.

Ceramic mug about Pi measuring a circle’s/wheel’s circumfrance & referencing that it’s an irrational number.
Ceramic mug with Aztec/Mexican sugar skull sporting green accents for St. Patrick’s day.

One thing for sure, getting rid of the sentimental designs I had struggled to create was a relief!

And then . . . I let my love for beads and wire come out to play too!

Suncatcher, wire, with clear and pink dyed quartz, glass and amethyst chips.

Polished chips and unusual pieces of glass, gems, and minerals set my catchers apart from other artisans. Their multiple surfaces cast light and draw your attention whether they’re in full sunlight, gathering shadows, or ambient lighting.

The suncatcher to the right is one example. The quartz points have been died pink and treated with an aurora borealis finish. They’re not perfectly smooth and the irregular finish makes them more interesting. The smaller beads (clear quartz and amethyst) are inconsistently sized and shaped,. The way they’re placed contributes to making the design visually stimulating even in a picture.

Similar colors may be used from one design to another, but each piece starts with a different idea. It’s only through working with the beads and letting them tell me what needs to be done that each catcher evolves into a finished design.

The one thing that ties all my ornaments and catchers together is that they demonstrate what the Japanese call Wabi Sabi – the beauty that is imperfect.

Coming Soon! My second store that is all about options. One – either have something printed for you by my supplier, or Two – download it and take care of the printing yourself. There will be some jewelry (nothing like what’s on JaLiLu Designs), and no mugs, clothing, or pillowcases . . . unless its a special order.

That’s because Etsy says I can have multiple stores but can’t sell the same types of products in both of them. So, think of JaJiLu Designs as the light-hearted store, and JaJiLu Digital as the place to find art and categories like “Words to Swear By” and “Jewelry to Swear By”.

Working towards having JaJiLu Digital open by the middle of September.

Thank you for stopping by! Head on over to the store, and if you have any questions, you can contact me via the store.

Quinn Eurich