JaJiLu Designs came about a bit by accident. It all started when I was looking through a list of courses an e-marketer was offering and found one on designing and selling coffee mugs. 

Little did I know that this innocent foray into online sales would lead me on a journey that had me giving up both the self-help website that I owned and my freelance writing career.

Doing this has turned out to be all part of a process of personal discovery and figuring out what makes me happy.

I redesigned my logo when I came across the designs and colors that make up the background. They made me feel good.

That was the turning point for me. From then on, my process began focusing less on what was selling in the markeplace, and more of creating designs and products that were reflective of me and my personality.

Gone are the sentimental designs done for specific holidays such as mother’s and father’s day. I’m more pragmatic than sentimental and have a rather off-beat sense of humor.

Ceramic mug about Pi measuring a circle’s/wheel’s circufrance & referencing that it’s an irrationals number.
Ceramic mug with Aztec/Mexican sugar skull sporting green accents for St. Patrick’s day.

Then . . . I began creating sun/light catchers and ornaments. 

Suncatcher, wire, with clear and pink dyed quartz, glass and amethyst chips.

Using polished chips and unusual pieces of glass, gems, and minerals is fun. The many angles and refractive qualities create multiple surfaces for greater light reflection. Because of that, my designs display a variety of aspects of themselves throughout the day and into the evening when the lights get turned on.

The beads to which I am drawn are interesting in a variety of ways, but most are not precision-engineered to tight tolerances – few beads are – especially those that are handblown or are of an organic material such as minimally processed amber.

What emerges from my process are light catchers and ornaments that demonstrate what the Japanese call Wabi Sabi – the beauty that is imperfect.

My process also results in variations on themes and colors.

The same thing happens occasionally in my print design process as well.

How many times have you seen a design that would be absolutely perfect if it was in a different color? Or had a different image on it, no image, or if they had used a different font?

Same Saying – Six Design Options

Now, I don’t make multiple designs for all my products (I’m not totally crazed or obsessed) but there are just some things that call out for doing variations on a theme.

And then there are the designs I create with certain people in mind that call for a second version with a small change in language.

My mother’s language on the left and my niece’s on the right

Then there are the designs that don’t seem to match my aesthetic, but I use them because they make me smile.

You can find my designs on Etsy.  Some are setup to be personalized and, if you see a regular design of mine that you’d like to have personalized or tweaked, please contact me via my Etsy store.

In case you were wondering, JaJiLu Designs was named after the three dogs I had at the time I setup shop – sisters Jackie and Jill, and the corgi that kept trying to keep them in line, Lucky. 

Update!  As of July 2019, I’ll be opening a second store that sells a very different selection of my designs.

Thank you for your interest, and wishing you all the best!

Quinn Eurich